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The Breathing for BJJ online program is a 31-day program designed to transform your Jiu Jitsu experience by teaching you optimal breathing.

It’s a one of a kind program (although you can find a few short videos scattered across the internet that talk about breathing in Jiu Jitsu, they don’t go into any real depth on the subject or help you actually build you functional capacity to breath on a much higher level). This program works on the biomechanical level and walks you through the “how” to build your breathing capacity and skill.

Each day of the program you’ll get access to new video. By following the program and doing the daily exercises, you’ll build a solid foundation of breathing capacity.

This will make you Jiu Jitsu experience more fun, exciting, and enjoyable!

How I transformed my Jiu Jitsu Experience through the power of the breath

"As a lifelong athlete, I have spent over 35 years pushing myself to master numerous sports from track n field, swimming, modern dance, mountain biking, skiing, crew team, jiu-jitsu and more. Over all these years and all the sports I was regularly told that I needed to “breathe.” It was clear that I needed to improve my breathing but I as NEVER told how. I also suffered 2 decades of those years with asthma. I explicitly asked one of my doctors for anything I could proactively do to improve my capacity to breathe. I was actually scolded and laughed at by that doctor. Now many years later I finally have found answers in this program. Who knew that Brazilian jiu-jitsu would lead me to the knowledge I was seeking. Like water is to thirst, Marty’s breathing for BJJ was exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend it to the BJJ community and beyond. It has made me a better jiu-jitsu practitioner, but also a better mountain biker and all around athlete. In addition, I have found the practice mentally beneficial as well. I encourage singers, wind instrument musicians, athletes, first responders and just about anyone who is wanting to expand their physical and mental abilities to take his program."

Anna Pirkl

"Breathing for BJJ has my highest recommendation. Whether you are just starting your BJJ journey or a seasoned practitioner, this program can truly benefit your training. I am a practicing physician assistant and have been training BJJ for over a decade. Early in my Jiu-Jitsu journey, I relied heavily on endurance, stamina, and strength. These days, I rely heavily on technique and skill, but undervalued the breathing aspect when drilling and sparring. Breathing for BJJ opened my eyes on the proper and effective techniques to breath in difficult and uncomfortable positions. This program outlines fundamentals, techniques and exercises in a stepwise approach. Each daily lesson is manageable even in a busy schedule. There are so many effective and valuable pearls to implement in BJJ that you will gain from this program. Marty does an amazing job explaining and teaching the strategies needed to develop the art of breathing. I know that I will personally integrate these lessons and exercises I have benefited from for years to come. Regulating and controlling breathing will take your BJJ game to another level. "

Gerald Chan

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